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MESI Group know that a fire alarm system is a crucial component of any building’s safety infrastructure hence we ensure that our fire alarm detect the presence of fire, smoke, or heat and alert occupants, allowing for a quick and orderly evacuation.

MESI uses the devices to sense the presence of smoke 1particles in the air and a rapid rise in temperature, triggering the alarm when a certain threshold is reached.

MESI Group provides their clients with a properly designed, installed, and maintained fire alarm system that plays a critical element in safeguarding lives and property. It provides early detection and warning, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and emergency responders to act swiftly.

We provide a Control Panel that receives signals from detectors and in turn, activates alarms and communication devices.

MESI Alarms can take various forms, including sirens, strobe lights, and voice evacuation systems, ensuring that occupants are alerted both visually and audibly. Manual pull stations are strategically placed throughout a building, allowing occupants to manually trigger the alarm in case of an emergency.

Types of MESI Group Fire Alarm Systems:

Conventional Systems: in this solution, the building is divided into zones, and when a detector in a zone is triggered, the system identifies the general area of the

Addressable Systems: in this solution, our system provides specific information about the location of the alarm, offering a more precise response to the emergency.

MESI Group offers Regular testing and maintenance that are essential to ensure the reliability of a fire alarm system. This includes checking detectors, verifying the functionality of the control panel, and ensuring that all notification devices are in working order.

Compliance with local fire codes and regulations is essential. By MESI Group regular inspections ensure that the fire alarm system meets all necessary standards.