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MESI Group has been a forerunner at providing innovative automated products to its clients for years and focuses on not only reliability of its products but also on its aesthetic and safety value. MESI Group excels at installing efficient, safe and design oriented escalators and elevators.

Our Elevators

The company has vast experience in constructing special- ized lifts for vast purposes. MESI Group constructs hydraulic lifts and electric lifts which can be suitable for carrying people and goods. The elevators and escalators have spaced compartment which ensures large carrying capacity for factories, industrial plants, accommodations, hotels and hospitals. However, the company customizes the design in accordance to the specified space and purpose of the lift by the client.

Elevator Options

Mini-machine room elevator: This elevator has high environment capability and contributes to low carbon life by making use of advanced contravariant technology that recycles and regenerates energy from grid.

Machine roomless elevator: This elevator is aesthetically pleasing as it consumes no room space for machine hence reducing the overall area of the equipment. The control device is placed at the shaft top.

Bed elevator: Bed elevators are specifically designed for hospitals to carry patients. The elevators have high carrying capacity with intelligent healthcare system to assist in emergencies. Bed elevators have very smooth movement with high speed to minimize the waiting time for patients.

Freight elevators: Freight elevators are constructed to carry cargo in the industries and factories. They have wide doors and compartments to carry large amount of goods and have strong build to withstand the total freight weight.

Car elevator: Car elevators are used in garages and parking lots. They make use of strong design and high control technology which adjusts the elevator speed in order to eliminate vibration and noise of the car while MESI Group believes in integrating environment friendly equipment to its products. The company maintains its high standards by installing energy saving escalators and elevators without compromising on their durability and efficiency. Furthermore, the lifts and escalators are extremely user friendly as MESI Group uses latest generation technology for their product construction. MESI Group’s elevators and escalators use permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine which operates on 32-bit microcomputer hence ensuring precision of the elevator. Moreover, the traction machine does not need to be lubricated thus reducing the consumption of oil. The safety of users is ensured by the incorporation of high-sensitivity light beam screen system which detects barriers timely to avoid any hazards. MESI Group beliefs in innovation and hence has introduced a variety of options of specialized elevators and escalators in Pakistan. These designs are based on environment friendliness, space, build and carrying.