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MESI Group envisions extending automation not only in the corporate sector but also in the residential and SME sectors in Pakistan. Amongst its fine array of products, one of the most popular is automatic sliding gates. Our automated gates are perfect for effortless access, through state of the art technology. The automatic sliding gates can weigh up to 800kg and run on varying powered systems such as 24V, 110V, 230V, and 380V based on features and the weight of the gate. The automatic gates can be personalized as per the demand of the client in terms of adjusting the deceleration of the automatic sliding gate during opening and closing. The gates can also be closed partially or completely through the automatic control panels wired into the gates.

MESI Group customizes its products to ensure the safety of its clients. The automatic sliding gates have in-built features to ensure minimum faults in their functionality and eliminate hazard possibilities.

Safety Features

  • The automatic gates are protected with locks which can only be accessed via personalized keys.
  • 24V version of automatic sliding gates incorporate sensors that can detect hindrances hence ensuring safety of the users.
  • The prewired control panel displays faulty warnings.
  • Specialized automated gates are integrated with magnetic limit switch system in order to ensure convenient installation of the gates in special weather conditions.
  • The control board in the MESI Group’s automated sliding gates is integrated with IP44 Class Protection System.
  • MESI Group’s automated sliding gates come with add on control board features which distinguish them from auto-mated sliding gates available in the market.

Technical and Add-on Features

  • The automatic sliding gates can withstand surrounding temperature up to 150 °C.
  • MESI Group automated sliding gates are strong enough to withstand a thrust of up to 460N.
  • The gates can be adjusted to open partially for pedestrians.
  • Installation of timer on the board to control the opening and closing of the automatic gates by set time duration.
  • Flexibility in functional time of motor.
  • Adjustments in the speed of the automatic sliding gates. The speed can vary between 10.5m/min to 13m/min.